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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ruby Tuesday Scripture ~ Psalm 3:24

I've had a super busy week with my little buddy.  He's going through a very snuggly stage right now (not that I'm complaining hehe) and I haven't had too much time for crafting.  I've made a few hats in the evenings while he's fallen asleep on me.  =D  So, I don't have an example this week to show you.

Just a reminder that for the next few weeks (until valentine's day) I'm having a blog freebie.  You just need to comment on a Ruby Tuesday post starting at the beginning of 2012.

Have a great night everyone!!!!


  1. This is wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing these with us!! :)

  2. Love this scripture.

  3. I love your scriptures. Check out my blog...I am going to start featuring a card every week with your scriptures. Have a blessed day!