Friday, November 5, 2010

Bows For Sale

I've got some bows for sale.  I make so many different kinds of crafts and would love for these to find their way to a new home.

Set 1: $1.50 per each set of 2 OR the whole blue set for $4.00
1 3/4" alligator clippie

Set 2: $1.50 for each set, $1.75 for the heart set OR the whole pink polka dot set for $4.25
1 3/4" alligator clippie

Set 3: $1.50 for each set OR the whole spring set for $4.00
1 3/4" alligator clippie

 Set 4: $2.50 each
3" alligator clip bow

Bow 5: $3.00
3 3/4" alligator clippie bow

Bow 6: $3.00
just under 5" alligator clip bow:

 Bow 7: $4.00
5 1/2" alligator clippie bow:

Bow 8: $4.50
3" french barette bow (this one is smaller than the other 2 like it ~ see them just below)

 Bow 9: $5.00
4" french barrette bow

Bow 10: $5.00
4 1/2" french barrette bow

Bow 11: $5.00
6" french barrette bow

Just leave a comment with which ones you want as well as either your postal code or zipcode and I will get a shipping quote for you.  Then we can set things up via paypal. =D

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Cards For Sale ~ How Cute Are These?

I've been busy with making Christmas cards and Halloween.  The kids had a really great time and you can click HERE to go to my personal blog to see my dinosaur and the daughter of Old McDonald.   =D

This first card is all 5 of these adorable bear thank you's for $6.00!!! How cute would it be to receive this little 3" x 3" card from a friend?  Just leave me a comment and I will whip up your order, give you a total and you can use paypal to send money to me.

Additional cards are either $1.50 each
another set of 5 for $5.00

Shipping is $2.00 per set of 5 cards and
either .25 cents per additional card
$1.00 for each additonal set of 5.

This adorabl bear is from Digi Sparkle and she has some of the Cutest stamps I've ever seen.

And another sweet Bugaboo Stamp card.  I really like this digi stamp, can you tell? hehe

 Each card is $4.00 ~ just leave me a comment about which one you would like.  Additional duplicate cards are $3.75 each.

Shipping is $2.00 per card and then .50 cents for each additonal card.


For Heather ~ Bow Ribbon Choices

This post is mostly for Heather but anyone is welcome to buy hairbows from me. =D

Please download the pictures Heather and then let me know if you would like some of them done the way you wanted, like the picture 4 on the forums.  Can't wait to see if you get some for your little cuties!!!