Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lauri ~ How To Size And Print Digi Stamps

Here is a LINK to a post I did earlier on how to resize and print the digi stamps.  If you look just above this post, you'll see a link as well in case you need help again.

Can't wait to see what you do!!!! If you have any other questions, just let me know. =)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Aizen's Halloween Class Bags Done ~ Off To Indulge In Some Reading

Yeah!!!! Both kids classroom halloween loot stuff is all finished and ready to head to school.  I did Aizen's all digitally and then printed it.  Another adorable digi stamp by Bugaboo Stamps.  The little spider is just too cute!!!!!

AiAi has 4 classmates and I changed the name on each of them.  They are getting 6 little tubs of playdoh, a kazoo, a little rubber stamp and a booklet of halloween stickers.  I think they are just adorable and turned out so cute.

Here is the front of the little bag cover:

All of the digi papers were all from Scrapbook Max.  It's the program I use for my digi scrapbooking and the digi stamps I create.  So, here's the back:

And now I'm off to go and read a few more chapters of A Dance With Dragons!!!! Whooo Hooo!!!!!!

Melody's Class Halloween Gifts

I got Melody's cards done for Halloween.  We don't give out candy to classmates but make a little loot bag with things like playdoh, halloween related toys, glow in the dark vampire teeth, glow sticks etc.  Well, Melody is 10 and didn't want to do that this year, she wanted to do something more grown-up.  She's such a tween!!!!  So, we decided on gift cards to our local donut shop Tim Horton's!!!  I used a digi stamp from Bugaboo Stamps for the front.  I think the witch's legs are just hilarious!!!! 

Here is the front and the back:

Here is the inside with the card peeking out:

I'll be working on Aizen's in the next few days.  Maybe even tonight if I can tear myself away from the book I'm reading ~ A Dance With Dragons by R.R. Martin.  =)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Addiction!!!! GIMP!!!!!

I have a new addiction!!!!!  I've seen a few people use the GIMP program to colour their stamps digitally and thought I'd try it out.  It's a free program and so far I LOVE IT!!!! I haven't done much except colour in some digi stamps.

The first hour was really confusing but I figured out how to get what I wanted achieved with just experimenting.

I opened up the program and then found the digi stamp where it was stored on my computer.  I couldn't figure out how to import it so I just dragged the image into the work area.

I then went to the Bucket Fill Tool and played around til I got the colours I wanted and these are just some examples of what I did.  I put my watermark on it so it can't be stolen.  These each took me about 2-3 minutes to colour.

HUGE NOTE!!!!  When you are doing a "save as", make sure you save to your desktop OR you will replace your original digi stamp.  I only did this with one and have been really careful with the remaining images I've coloured.

I love this little girlie from Bugaboo Stamps.  She is just too darn cute!!! Thanks Jodi!!!!

Here is a link for GIMP program.  It will send you to another page for the download but it's the real thing and you'll be amazed at the things you can do with this program.  So, check it out!!!!