Friday, April 22, 2011

Custom Order, Store Sale and A Freebie!!!

Lots to babble about today!!!  I'm having a sale at my store.  All my cards and bows are on sale.  This will be going on until May 30th.  I'll be making some more bows this week, so if you have any cute heads that need bows on them, come on over and add them to your cart!!! hehe

I did a custom order for a friend on CMF.  Her mom's friend was just recently diagnosed with cancer and this is the scripture she wanted to use for this card.  She wanted spring colour and flowers.  I had so much fun making this card and prayed over this card as I made it.  Lots of pretty flowers. =D  Scroll down to get digi freebie.

I pray y'all have a great Easter weekend.  We've got a sick munchkin so please pray for Melody, she's got this stomach flu that is going around.  We had it last week and poor little thing, she's got a long weekend from school and she's sick. aww.


  1. The freebie is gorgeous and those flowers are just too cute. You are so talented!

  2. I love how you decorate the inside of your cards as well. You do lovely work.