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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It's Aizen's 4th Birthday!!!! Whooo hoooo!!!!!

We sure have been through a lot with this munchkin.  I was 18 weeks pregnant with him when his big sister Ruby passed away and his first ultrasound picture was the day before her funeral.  We saw him for the first time on Valentine's Day of 2007.  He PROUDLY displayed that he was a boy and here's his first perfect picture:

I went high risk with him as I did with all my other pregnancies.  Aizen wasn't planned but he was most certainly wanted.  I went in every week from 31 weeks to 37 weeks to get an ultrasound done and he Always had his hand right near his right cheek.  This picture is from when he was 34 weeks:

Here is the very first picture of him and look at what he did!  Wiggled his hand up so it could be by his cheek.  hehe

This is by far my FAVOURITE newborn picture of him.  Look at those little balled up hands and the nookie that looks huge on his face.

My little guy on his 1st birthday.  He's a total adrenaline junkie and was being held up in the air for this picture:

2 Years Old and trying his very first plum.  Oh he was so excited and he had it everywhere.

3 years old and he got tools for his birthday.  This kid will follow around his papa all day long and try to help him fix things.  It's still one of his favourite toys.

My little man just a few months ago.  Look how much he's grown up.  I can't believe it's the little peanut who used to kick me in the ribs and keep me up all night when I was pregnant with him.

We've had a lot of challenges with him but he's such a sweet little boy.  I can't wait to see how he develops this year.  School will be great for him and althought he is autistic and severely speech delayed he's thriving and suprising us with new things every day.

I love you Stinker Butt (((((hugs from mommy)))))


  1. happy birthday, Aizen. What a sweet journey...such a handsome guy! We have a 4 (almost) 5yr old grandson that is autistic, non-verbal. There are a lot of challenges, but like you said they are such sweet boys!

  2. No way!!! I remember when Daniel called me to tell me he was born. Good gravy time flies!
    Huge hugs and kisses to you!!!!!
    Love, Aunt Shauna (giggle)

  3. Happy Birthday, Sweet Guy! So handsome...what a darlin'! Our grandson, Henry, will be 4 in July...not autistic, but needs a lot of speech therapy. We have 10 grandsons...all amazin' but Henry is the most loving and giving...dontcha just love little guys?! ps....also have 7 beautiful grandaughters, lol!

  4. Hi Denise! I bumped into your blog and I'm your new follower # 220 :) I love your Digi Stamps :-) I also would like to give a big Happy Birthday to Aizen!

    Have a bless night!