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Monday, October 4, 2010

Last Week's Cards That Are For Sale

Each card is $4.00 ~ just leave me a comment about which one you would like.
Shipping is $2.00 per card and then .50 cents for each additional card.I can make additional cards of any of these, just let me know.

All of the digi stamps on these cards (except number 8) are by Bugaboo Stamps.... can you tell I really like Jodie's drawings?  hehe

These first two cards are really adorable love monkeys who want to shower you with a little bit of lovin and a surprise rose.... aww.... SO sweet!!!!

Card 1 (outside and inside):

I really suck at photographing glitter, but this is the cute stamp that is on the inside and it says "I love you" with some little hearts surrounding it. =)

Card 2 (outside and inside):

This is a super sweet card that reminds me of my daughter and I snuggling up to read books when she was younger.  Now, she likes to grab her pillows and lay next to me on the bed while we both get absorbed into our books and novels.
Card 3 (outside and inside):

These next few cards would be great to send to someone just to let them know you wish them a wonderful day.  With winter coming up I know I'll be thinking of the summer, the beach and watching my kids splash around in the water.  =)

Card 4 (outside and inside):

Card 5 (outside and inside):

Card 6 (outside and inside):

Card 7 (outside and inside):

Card 8 (outside and inside):

Hope you all have a great evening!!!! ((((hugs))))

1 comment:

  1. Oh I love them!!
    One suggestion for the glitter is if the flash is in your camera (not a large detachable flash) try putting your cards next to the window when it's very sunny and make sure your flash does not come on. The sun light should catch the sparkle.