Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One Of My Favourite Worship Songs

I find myself so often humming or singing worship songs throughout the day.  When I first heard this song, our family was looking for a new church and the worship team was just so filled with the Spirit and this song was so amazing to be sung by the congregation.  It's just such a great upbeat song that helps me to remember just how much I love my Father and how every day I walk with Him and that I am SO blessed to be able to worship my Saviour openly.

You Are Holy ~ Michael W. Smith

As you go through your day, please remember how blessed we are to be able to worship our God so openly.  This song is addicting and you'll find yourself humming it often.


  1. We just sang this last Sunday! It was a wonderful day of praise.

  2. Fab - was just feeling a bit low on yet another dull and rainy day but this song has lifted my spirits :-)

    Thank you for posting the link