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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You All Beat Me To The Punch ~ A Little Giveaway

So... I was going to offer one of the cards on my website once I hit 50 followers.  I came to post this and I have 51 followers!!! whooo hooo!!!!!  You can advertise this on your blog as well.  =)

Here is how this will work:

Each day until March 15th I will post a question so I can get to know you all better.  You may enter once a day with a comment about the question.  If you got here on say the 13th, you can backtrack to today and answer all of them so you can get those entries as well.  You can also get ONE extra entry by posting on your blog and linking it in your comment.

On March 16th afterschool, I'll have my daughter pull out a name from a hat, bowl or whatever will house all those entries.  The winner will choose any kind from my store and I'll mail it your way.

So here is the question today:  What is the one craft item in your nook you could not live without?  If you aren't a crafter (and maybe our cards etc will inspire to become one... and yes I am TOTALLY an enabler hehe), what couldn't you live without in your home?

I have a few things that I couldn't live without.  One is my white jelly pen, I use it for everything.  From eye dots to freckles to stitching or highlighting on an apple picture (had to mention the apple was a picture b/c my daughter looked at me funny and was wondering why I wanted to colour on a real apple lol) or something.  I also couldn't live without glue tape, if makes life so much easier and craft making go so much faster. 

Looking forward to getting to know you all better. =)


  1. What a good idea :D....but WHAT a question! If I really had to say only one thing, it would have to be my little scissors with the curved blades...I think they were meant to be for Pergamarno...but they are just so COOL when it comes to cutting around stamped images!

  2. My answer changes every day..... but mostly my colored pencils. I can color most images with those and I'd be lost without them.
    Thanks for this idea and a chance to win

  3. I couldn't live without my Gypsy! Gotta have it!

    Rachel Miller

  4. My answer would change depending on what i am *into* at the moment but it all starts with paper, probably some good card stock or I could not craft at all.

    Heather from princesspaperprojects at yahoo dot com

  5. I linked you up in my blog

    how fun for you :) and us too!