Monday, July 4, 2011


I wanted to wish my american friends a


I pray everyone is doing well and that you are having a fun day celebrating the wonderful country you live in.  Let's remember today to pray for our (I have friends in the USA army, coast guard and navy and consider the USA "my" country as well) soliders who are fighting to protect our freedom both here and overseas.  We truly are endebted to these men and women that we can walk down our streets safely.

My baby girl is off to camp today.  We got her room all set up and she was happy to head down to lunch with her new buddy/counsellor Eve.  She usually finds someone she likes and attaches herself.  I'm praying her first night away from home will go smoothly but I have my cordless phone with me just in case she needs to call home for some comfort.  =)

Come back tomorrow for another Ruby Tuesday Scripture Freebie!!!

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