Friday, October 21, 2011

Aizen's Halloween Class Bags Done ~ Off To Indulge In Some Reading

Yeah!!!! Both kids classroom halloween loot stuff is all finished and ready to head to school.  I did Aizen's all digitally and then printed it.  Another adorable digi stamp by Bugaboo Stamps.  The little spider is just too cute!!!!!

AiAi has 4 classmates and I changed the name on each of them.  They are getting 6 little tubs of playdoh, a kazoo, a little rubber stamp and a booklet of halloween stickers.  I think they are just adorable and turned out so cute.

Here is the front of the little bag cover:

All of the digi papers were all from Scrapbook Max.  It's the program I use for my digi scrapbooking and the digi stamps I create.  So, here's the back:

And now I'm off to go and read a few more chapters of A Dance With Dragons!!!! Whooo Hooo!!!!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Dee -I did not realize we could PRINT papers from scrapbook max - I have soooo much to learn! Gail n MI