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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Couple Projects With My Cameo

Finally got around to taking some pictures of the projects I've been working on. =D  I've been busy cleaning the house and chasing around kids, this weekend has been just a little crazy.  lol

One of my new adventures is making birthday cards for the nurses to give at Toronto Sick Kids Hospital to give to those little munchkins who have to spend their birthdays at the hospital.  Here are 3 cards I made using the same design with different colours.  I used the cameo to cut everything out. 

I'd love to have more cards to give when I take mine down.  If this is something you'd like to do, please let me know and I'll give you my address to send them to.  You can send 1, 10, or as many as you like.  I won't need envelopes and I'd like to keep it to 2 different sizes:  5" x 5" or 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".

I have a mama who's little one is having a birthday in a few months.  She was having trouble making a card so I asked if I could make them for her.  While waiting on her thread reply, I went ahead and made an example.  They are SO cute!!!! I can't wait to make the real ones soon. hehe

The little gems are from a cell phone decoration I got at the dollar store.  I cut the little gems apart and plopped them where I thought they'd look cute.

Plain version front and with the cupcake pulled out:

Blinged out version; cupcake pulled out, front and back:


  1. Lucky you!!! Did you print out the message on the inside of the cupcake card with your Cameo? Love the cards. Please send me your address and I will send some cards for the kids. Thanks. Sandy C.

  2. All of your cards are wonderful!! Love the cupcake all blinged out. Love the flower paper, too. :)

  3. Sandy C. ~ I made the invite part on scrapbook max and then in the silhouette program, I pasted it inside the cupcake cut area. Then I used the "registration mark" option in the program, printed it out on my printer and then cut it on the silhouette.

    You can do sketch stuff on the cameo but I don't have the little pens. I'd love to see if I could print that way and then cut them out. =)