Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's Almost Here!!!! My Silhouette Cameo =D

I am SOOOOO excited.  My silhouette cameo is waiting at the post office for my hubby to pick up after work.  I can't wait to get it and started cutting some stuff out.  I've been planning all kinds of things with the software and can't contain my excitement.  I reworked my computer area in the main living area so that it's near the printer and laptop.  I'll be sure to share some projects soon. hehe =D

Update:  WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! It's here, it was incredibly easy to set up, and I'm working on printing out the 2nd project.  It's a little noisy but not overly bothersome.  I love the way it cuts.  I'm very happy with it. hehe


  1. Oh how exciting for you!! Congrats on your new toy!!!! :)

  2. Hi Dee - I am very happy for you to have your new toy the Silhouette cameo - I am looking forward to viewing your new projects. For some reason I am no longer receive emails when your blog is updated - I am sure it has to do with me - as I do not understand how blogs work, etc. Have a great week - thanks for the scriptures. ~ Gail ~