Monday, March 16, 2015

Autism Fundraiser - Let Me Introduce You To Aizen!! =)

I want to introduce you to this little cutie.  He's my son and his name is Aizen (pronounced eye-zen).  He is 7 years old and has autism.  His obsessions atm are clothes hangers (lol), garage doors and anything youtube related about ceiling fans and garage doors.

Before we started with this charity 2 years ago he had no negative self language skills.  He couldn't say "no thank you", "I don't want to", etc and I was being bitten, kicked, smacked, punched, etc 30+ times a day because he couldn't express what he was feeling.  Within a few months of being with AIM, Aizen gained some language and self regulation skills and is a very different child.

In April, I am raising funds in a few ways for this charity.  
1.  I have different things from hairbows to cards, etc for sale and proceeds go to the charity.

2. Toonies 4 Autism is an event where you donate just $2.00 (called a toonie up here in Canada). I will be collecting donations through paypal and will write your name on a leaf to show your support.

We have been with a charity called AIM (Autism In Mind) and they sponsor children to receive ABA/IBI therapy.  This therapy is very expensive and often costs between $2000-$5000 a month, yes that's what I said... per Month.  Most families who have a child with autism simply cannot afford this and the children slip through the cracks and it's extremely stressful on the family as a whole.

Here is the link to this awesome charity who is currently helping 25 different families with ABA/IBI therapy as well as a Saturday social group.  Thanks for your support!!!!

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