Friday, March 25, 2011

A Diaper Cake =D

My kiddos godparents are having their first baby soon and all of us are more than thrilled for them.  They have been trying for 8 years to have a little peanut.  Well her baby shower is in early April and I gave making a diaper cake a shot.  While it was frustrating at times, I LOVE it.  I think it turned out so cute.

They don't know what they are having and I was at a shower once where this was the theme:
Pink Or Blue, We Welcome You!!

I just finished this up about an hour ago.  I also made lollipop washcloths and rosebud socks.  I really enjoyed stretching myself and trying out some new crafts.  I'll be starting a diaper wreath for the door at her shower tomorrow and I'm hoping to have it done by Saturday, so I'll post pictures when I get that done.

Blessings!!!! and now I need to get some sleep.  lol

Front of the cake:

Back of the cake (it has 2 babies on the bottom tier to help hide the seams):


  1. That is adorable! You did a fantastic job and I know that they will love it.

  2. You did SUCH an amazing job on this!!!!!!! I am sure the recipient will be BEYOND THRILLED!!

  3. I love it! What a beautiful, wonderful gift!

  4. This is just as adorable as can be. You did a fabulous job. I would never guess this is the first one you had ever made. I can't wait to see your wreath.