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Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday's Question

This morning Aizen slept in (whooo hoooo) and I got to catch up on some tv and do some crafting.  It got me thinking of what I could ask today for my question. =)

Where do you primarily do your crafting?

I have 3 spots that I regularly craft at. 

First is my craft nook.  I've moved things around since this post but I shared my nook over 5 posts.  Go and check it out.  =)  I got tired of having my crafting things in around 9 areas of the house.  SO!! I moved the bed as close to the closet as possible and took the rest of our master bedroom for my craft nook.  Hubby doesn't do much in there except get dressed and sleep, so he thought it was a great idea.

Second is at the kitchen table while I do my light therapy in the mornings.  I spend an hour in front of the day light therapy lamp every morning to help with my clinical depression and SAD.  I most often will be colouring in images or planning out things that I want to make in the near future.

Third is on the couch catching up on tv.  I often crochet, colour and even haul a couple supplies down to make a card.  I get antsy and need to have something to do while watching tv or a movie.  I've also been known to take my crocheting to the movie theatre.  LOL  After 10 years of crocheting, you usually aren't even looking at it while you make a simple hat.

I can't wait to hear where you all craft and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see your crafting areas! I often find blogs that have organized (well for a little bit atleast lol) craft areas and get ideas for what might make my area a bit more functional.

I'll see you guys tomorrow for my scripture digi, which reminds me... I need to make a card for that, so guess I'm doing that while catching up on Biggest Loser tonight.  =)


  1. Well....followers of my blog will know all about what recently happened to my lovely crafting was in the stable at the bottom of our property, and Hubby had fitted it out as a fabulous workroom for me....then the roof caved in! Managed to rescue most of my stash, but am now trying to fit it all in our tiny boxroom until we can sort the roof....grrrrr!

  2. I do my crafting in my "pink castle". It is actually the spare bedroom of our apartment and it is not pink anymore because we moved but I do have a whole room that I craft in with my own tv and stereo to have some background noise.

    Heather from princesspaperprojects at yahoo dot com

  3. I am so blessed to have my very own craft room. You can see photos of it on my blog...look under the tab "Kristy's Craft Shop" and on the main page, I have a link. I love my room and can lost up there for hours.

  4. Spare bedroom - making a takeover bid for it!