Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Question ~ What's Your Secret.... Or Not So Secret Addiction?

I found myself on etsy today (AiAi was in my lap at the computer and we were watching a kids movie so I needed to do... something..... while being pinned down... right??) looking at homemade purses and it got me thinking of how addicted I am to purses.  I need to sell a bunch of mine, I think I have around 15 handmade purses. LOL  I'm also a bit of a chocolate fiend, I need to have a daily dose of chocolate and I load up at christmas, valentine's day and easter after they go on sale and keep them in my freezer. 

So, what are you secretly or not so secretly addicted to?

Come on back tomorrow for the final question and my new digi stamp.  Have a great night y'all. =)


  1. I am addicted to potato chips (NOT so secretly as the package is gone in my house in 2 days). Because they are a trigger food and I eat too many I don't have them in my house at all anymore.

    Heather from princesspaperprojects at yahoo dot com

  2. Dark chocolate and google reader(I love to check out all the blogs I follow.)

  3. oooooo....addictions!....have to say mine is Pepsi Max...totally addicted....7 cans a day!