Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday's Question ~ Youtube Video Fav?

We spend some time with youtube playing in the background everyday, on some days it's better than the radio b/c I get to choose what music I want to listen to.  So for yesterday's question (we're still sick /sigh), I'd love for you to share one or a few of your favourite youtube videos.  You can just paste in the link and we'll just have to cut and paste to watch it. hehe

Jpop Favs (I love Japan and japanese pop music so you'll be introduced to a couple of my fav bands!!!):
Over by High and Mighty Color

Pride by High and Mighty Color

Shunken Sentimental by Scandal

Couple Fav Kids Videos (cause you know we all have to watch them when the kids do lol):
Proud To Be Me by Signing Time

Three Little Pigs by Debbie and Friends

Ants In Your Pants by Eric Herman

The Pirate Song by Eric Herman

Just gosh darn funny videos:
Baby Potter

Baby Dancing To Beyonce

Sneezing Baby Panda

So, these are just a few of my favourites, can't wait to see what your favourites include. =D


  1. Sorry...don't do youtube....but am willing to be converted, lol!

  2. Never listened to music on YouTube. But I do listen to a contemporary Christian radio that streams through my computer.

  3. My friend Sarah's baptism :-)

  4. Ultramum ~ thank you so much for sharing your friend's baptism. It's so nice to see others following the Lord. I got baptized in a little pond and had fish nipping at my knees, I'll never forget the experience.

    Heather ~ I listen to KLove, which one do you listen to?