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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tuesday Question ~ somehow it didn't get published

Well that was weird.  Yesterday's question didn't get published, the fun of technology and post dating posts. hehe

Well anywho, I was talking about my kids and how special they are.  My oldest daughter has asperger's (high functioning austism) and my youngest we believe is on the autistic spectrum as well.  My question yesterday was What are your wishes and dreams for your children?  If you don't have any children yet, what would you wish for your baby?

For my oldest, my wishes for her are to pursue her passions and dreams.  She is a bright little girl and I always tell her that she can be anything she wants to be, some things she may just have to work a little harder at.  I wish that she will have a family and find a godly christian man to love, adore and lead their household.

When my Ruby was alive, everyday I wished that she would have a great day.  That no matter what challenges she faced that she would take her time and learn from them.  You all would have liked her, she was such a spunky little girl.

Aizen... where to start with him.  It changes everyday.  Right now, my wish is for him to get more words.  He is so frustrated with not being able to communicate with us and I know he wouldn't be so upset if he could just tell us what he wanted.  I want for him to feel safe and secure in himself so that when he grows older he will lead a wonderful home with his family.

So... onto today's post. hehe


  1. My son is almost 22 and is getting married this year on Mother's Day. My prayer for him is that they have a Christ centered marriage that will be a blessing to both of them.

    Heather from princesspaperprojects at yahoo dot com

  2. My 5 children are aged from 23 to 41 and are all married to wonderful people. That was among my wishes for marry people who shared their beliefs, their aspirations, and would cherish them for eternity. I am blessed to know that each of them is living the life I wished for them, and each one of my grandchildren is being brought up in a Christ-centred home, and is secure in the love of their parents and grandparents. Wish fulfilled! :) And, may yours be, also, my young friend....hang on to your faith, and it will be worth it. x

  3. My son has autism so my prayer is for him to be able to live an independent life :-)