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Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday Question ~ boo!! no internet yesterday

Our cable company decided that a Sunday would be a great day to fix some cables in our area, so I had no internet yesterday.  Could have been worse I guess, could have been on a Tuesday!! haha

So in leu of that, I  got to thinking of some things that I take for granted and sorta expect to be there all the time.  What are some things you are thankful for that are in your everyday life?

I take for granted that I have a house to live in and electricity.  There are so many people who do not have these basics and my heart just breaks that these people could be my neighbours.  We try to do things for others that we can.  We give money to our local food bank, when we are downtown and see someone who is homeless we'll go and get some food for them and let them know where the local shelters are (my eldest daughter even prays with them for their basic needs, SO awesome for a 9 year old).  We used to volunteer at the soup kitchen but it's been so hard with our son, he's just so hyper and active and once he gets a bit older we're going to get back into doing that.


  1. I often look around my home, especially our bedroom, and feel a deep sense of gratitude that I have such a lovely, safe, warm place to lay down at night. My childhood was spent moving from lodging house to lodging house, always having to share a bed with my two sisters and brother, and usually, sleeping in the same room as my parents. Things were better by the time I was due to marry, but I still had to share a single bed with my youngest sister. I've never actually slept in a bed by myself, but these days I have beautiful bed linen, handsewn quilts, gorgeous pillows....and a wonderful husband, lol. I'm grateful every day for my beautiful bedroom!

  2. I am grateful for the lovely apartment building that I live in. I enjoy coming home to my cozy house where I am safe from the "outside" world and can just cocoon in my own little world.

    Heather from princesspaperprojects at yahoo dot com