Monday, March 21, 2011

How Sweet Is She??

I've got budbud in my lap and we like to listen to worship music after dinner as he's settling down to head to bed.  One of our fav artists is Britt Nicole.  I find myself humming her to Aizen when we're snuggling.  There was a link to a little 6 year old named Elizabeth who is singing her song Set The World On Fire.  PTL for little souls who just love and adore their Maker and Creator.  Here's the LINK for it, she's just so precious!! I pray for all our little ones that they will just be on fire for God and make a difference.


  1. Don't you wish you could just bottle those moments up? You're doing a great job mama!

  2. My little gal loves to sing. She is constantly humming or singing. Sooooo different from my boys. It's a blessing to have her with us as she seems to be turning the boys on to singing where we haven't been able to. :)