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Monday, March 21, 2011

Tip: How I Organize My Coloured Images =)

After many years of crafting I've embraced my crafting style instead of getting frustrated like I used to, I used to think I would give up on crafts too easily before I realized what my crafting style was.  I go on what I call binge crafting.  I do one thing for a few weeks until I get sick of doing it and then move onto something else.  I do all kinds of stuff .... cardmaking, scrapbooking, sewing, crochet, cross stitch, painting, bow making and a bunch of other odds and ends.

During the morning I do light therapy to help with my clinical depression.  Sitting there for an hour in front of a lamp can get pretty boring, so I colour!!! I haven't ventured into the great stuff I've seen online with shading.  I want to do that eventually (I'm really intimidated by it) but for now I'm content with just single colour colouring.  Every image here is a Bugaboo Stamp except for one in the second picture I have used a Meljen's baby digi stamp.

When I colour,  I usually make around 10 of the same image.  I like to make multiples of cards and I find it difficult to go from scratch to full card.  ie. colour image, pick colours, assemble card  .... So as you can see I have A LOT of images coloured and I like to keep track of what colours I used in case someone wants a duplicate of a card I've made.  So, here's what works for me. =)

I have a little book I got at the dollar store and I put all my image colour recipes in it.

This is one of my fav Bugaboo Stamps.  I just want to eat up his little ice cream cone.  On the back when I am done, I put the date by month, day, year and letter (some days I colour 2-3 different images).  So, this little bear is 2/15/11A (the A is what I use first, then B and C, etc.)

I put a little dot of the copic colour I use on the page.  I put a piece of cardstock underneath so it bleeds onto that.  Then comes the copic marker name and what part I coloured in.

And here is a page with a couple different image examples.  It has the date code, a general desciption of the stamp and who it's by.

I hope that this will help someone help keep organized in their image keeping.  I'll be back tomorrow with my newest scripture digi stamp.  Blessings my friends!!!!!


  1. Dee, thanks for this very helpful tip.
    I'm very much a once-off, but it's a great way to remember if a specific image turned out great.
    It was also wonderful to read about you finding your own style. My cousin & I have been chatting (By email :) about the same thing. It took me a long time to accept myself, and not measure myself against others - that was so freeing, but very difficult at first.
    Now I enjoy everything I make and if someone else like it, I feel so grateful. (I also do about everything, but cards are my favourite, now also digi-scrapping, then knitting, beading, sewing, crochet....LOL)
    You are blessing us with the lovely scriptures, I'm sure the blessings will come back to you...and don't be hard on yourself...we all do that to ourselves, not necessary...
    Rene (CTgirl)

  2. Wow! All those images,all coloured up 'n' ready to go! Wish I was half that organized, lol.

  3. Wow - that's organised! I take pics of my finished cards and just attempt to get the same result again!

    Been a bit low recently so haven't updated my blog since February but have just visited here today for your lovely scriptures - I love to make surprise cards or bookmarks for people at church and they are ideal :-)

    Thanks so much for your blog - love reading it :)

  4. Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Huggies ~